A Little Election Flipbook

If you want to introduce your civics learning a bit differently this year then try this wonderful flipbook. A Little Election flipbook looks at what makes great leaders by doing a mini-literacy study on the story A Little Election by Danny Katz

Note: In order to complete the activities in this resource you will need to purchase the following book: A Little Election by Danny Katz

Visit my website and read A Little Election Flipbook to learn more about this activity and see more "in progress" pictures.

What's included?
Page format: A4
Style: Blackline (header card for election box is provided in colour as well)
Text: English (British)
Total page count: 19

Note: This is about the prime minister voting process. While I have designed this for Australian classrooms the book and activity would be fine to use in any country who vote for the prime minister via a democratic vote for a party.

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