My Book of Love (Beginner Level)

This is a 7 tab, 8 page tab book that students can express what they love. This version has keywords where pictures can be draw or cut out of a magazine and labelled. The book is suitable for use when talking about things that children love and could be included as a Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Father's Day activity.

This is most appropriate for young students or those requiring modification (differentiation) in their work. Approx age 5-7 years.

Looking for more details and pictures? Click HERE to visit my website to read and see more "in progress" pictures.

What's included?
Page format: A4
Layout: 2 per page
Style: Blackline
Text: English (British)


* Title page
* People
* Places
* Animals
* Food
* Activities
* Books
* Love is

** All tab pages have one key word allowing for writing or pictures and labels **

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