Seasons and Months Sorting Activity (Vietnamese)

Get your students learning about the months of the year and the seasons in your Vietnamese language classroom with this student led activity. This task requires students to place a season in each box and then add the three relevant months to it.

What's included?
Page format: A4
Style: Colour and Blackline
Text: Vietnamese (Instructions are in English ONLY)
Total page count: 9

This resource will work in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

How do I use this?
Print (I enlarge the main sheet to A3 size, all others on A4), laminate and add Velcro or Blu-Tac.

I use this as part of my daily math activity. I begin with doing the activity myself for a week and then choose a different student each day to teach it to the class. It works well encouraging less-confident students to participate as they choose others in the class to answer. I teach the students to show if they agree with an answer to put their hands on their head, or if they disagree to put their hands on their shoulders.

Activity usually takes about 15 min when the students first start teaching but within a couple of weeks it only takes about 5 min (depends on the student conducting it).

Alternatively, you could print the black and white version and use it as a math center activity or for display/assessment purposes.

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