Terms of Use

Terms of Use for purchasing resources from Miss Jennifer Ward. A range of classroom resources available.


* I understand I am purchasing a licence for my own personal use of this resource and will not share, copy, distribute to others either in print or digital forms.

* I understand that I can not upload the resource to any shared computer or other device that would allow others to access it (eg. such as the internet or a school intranet system)

Clip Art, Templates, and Photographs

* Limited commercial use: only to be used for educational materials that are intended to be sold on teacher sites (DBT, TPT, TN, etc.).

* Images must be incorporated with your own work and designs. It can’t be used “as is” or with just an editable textbox. Strictly no colouring pages.

* PDF must be both flattened & secured.

* You must include my logo in credits with a clickable link to my store, Classroom Kitty.

You CAN NOT....

* use images in any printable that is sold via print on demand (POD) services through sites such as Amazon.

* use images on any products that will be made-on-demand such as on Zazzle.

* use images in interactive whiteboard/ PowerPoint presentations, or Google presentations where the image is not flattened – eg. you can not use the clip art as a “moveable piece”.

* use any images in a logo.

* use images on other marketplace sites other than those listed without permission. You can not use these images on Boom Learning products without gaining specific permission for each image/set you wish to use.

* use images to create classroom decor (eg anything where the clip art is the resource), posters with just a word added (eg. Henry Bergh portrait with "Henry Bergh" written underneath), finger puppets, or any other printable that does not include other content and written activities etc.

* use images in memes or any other manner that is not educational use based.

* use any images to imply that I, or any person portrayed (in the portrait clip art), endorses your resource.

* use any images in a derogative, sexually explicit, or racist manner.

* sell Letter Crafts“as is”. If you are using these you need to include a minimum of 10 pages of other content – lesson plans/other activities, etc.

* give away or sell this clip art.

* claim the images as your own. The copyright of all templates, clip art, crafts and photographs remains with the artist Jennifer Ward.

A license only allows for usage - you do not OWN the images.

As the artist and creator, Jennifer Ward reserves the right to modify, change, and alter these terms without warning and without compensation to purchasers. Further, commercial usage can be revoked by the artist at any time and for any reason.

Last updated: 30th June 2018